Cookout Wines

When the starts to get hot, and sticky and humid… You know what that means… time to fire up those grills! We’re talking about thick, juicy, steaks, plump, smoky chicken, fresh, slightly charred vegetables – We’re talking…well, you get the point. But, most importantly, we’re talking about WINE! Whether it’s to pair with those succulent grilled treats or to cool off while tending to the grill, these wines are sure to meet every need.
Now, a cookout is not meant to be enjoyed alone. These wines are bound to bring friends – old and new – together. Think elevated porch pounders – you know, those wines you can’t help but enjoy but in the company of others. We kid… who said you need to share?
Grilling season’s here!
Tickets are $10 with a $10 credit towards featured wines.

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