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Our goal is to make wine enjoyable and accessible to all wine lovers, regardless of their level of experience. And, for the more seasoned wine drinkers out there, we keep a dynamic inventory of exclusive imports.

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Join Us For an In-Depth Exploration on Italy

Binology 103: Southern Italy

March 21, 2020 from 2-3:30 PM
One of the world's leading producers of wine, Italy is unique among wine regions because vines are cultivated nearly everywhere in the country. For many wine-lovers, the south of Italy is uncharted territory. Home to some of the oldest vineyards in the world, it is mostly comprised of little known indigenous grape varieties that date back to Roman or Greek times. Tickets are $39.
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Every week you will find something new on our shelves. From the far corners of the wine world to our local favorites, stop by and see what we are currently tasting.

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Case of the Month

The Anatomy of the Everyday Wine
CASE OF THE MONTH (COM) Noun. 1. The Essentials. 2. An indispensable case of wine for pre-dinner sipping, after work wind-down, parties, gifts, Wednesday nights, the dinner table, or impromptu visits.
3. A dozen bottles of well chosen, exceptionally versatile wine.

The Case of the Month explores the best bargain wine the world has to offer. Period. And let's face it, you always need wine. $99 for 12 bottles of wine is a deal too good to pass up.

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