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Darn Good. Dirt Cheap. 12 Bottles. $99.
Every month we hand-pick a selection of the best weeknight wine money can buy. We put a great deal of care into finding well-balanced, great-tasting wine for our Case of the Month. It’s the perfect way to explore wines from all around the world without breaking the bank!

Here’s a look at December’s case:
Our Price: $99
Total Retail Value: $122.88
You Save: $23.88
Discount: 20%


Rosé Brut, Domaine Jean Bousquet NV Argentina

The pale pink color draws you I’m, while alluring citrus and tropical fruits keep you hooked. Add a touch of floral notes, and you’re the hit of any party!

$12.99 / PER BOTTLE


Chardonnay, St. Kilda 2017 (Australia)

From the Southern Australian “viticulture super zone” comes this fresh and bright Chardonnay. Enjoy its pale straw color and notes of melon and fresh stone fruits.

$10.99 / PER BOTTLE

Macabeo/Chardonnay, Borsao 2016 (Spain)

With strong citrus and tropical fruits on the nose, this friendly white has a surprisingly creamy texture with fresh acid. Try with mild cheese and risotto.

$9.99 / PER BOTTLE

Garganega, La Fiera 2016 (Italy)

This Soave is light gold in color with hints of pineapple and wildflower on the nose. When you’re trying to remember the long days of summer, start with this friend!

$9.99 / PER BOTTLE

Sauvignon Blanc, Essay 2017 (South Africa)

Find bright and zesty grapefruit alongside freshly cut grass. Looking for something to pair with game night? This is it!

$8.99 / PER BOTTLE


Carmenere, Cono Sur “Bicicleta” 2016 (Chile)

A perfect wine to enjoy while young! This kid is definitely going to change how you think about young reds: It can stand up to rich stews, but can also pair with tacos.

$10.99 / PER BOTTLE

Tempranillo, Protocolo 2015 (Spain)

Rich and smoky on the nose with a light woodsy palate. This easy-going friend is always ready, whether it’s a fireside chat with friends or diving into your favorite book.

$7.99 / PER BOTTLE

Red Blend, Reserve de la Saurine 2014 (France)

Dark runs in color with attractive red fruits on the nose, this rustic red will be a delightful dinner companion. Perfect with herbaceous pasta sauce.

$7.99 / PER BOTTLE

Garnacha, Borsao 2016 (Spain)

Cherry with hints of violet on the nose. This fuller-bodied wine offers fine spiciness to balance out some ripe fruits. Did someone say lamb chops?!

$9.99 / PER BOTTLE

Red Blend, Paxis 2013 (Portugal)

A friendly bottle of Portuguese red! Lots of fresh red fruits leading to notes of sassafras and cola. Need a Monday wine? This is your new best friend.

$9.99 / PER BOTTLE

Cabernet Sauvignon, Estacion 201 (Chile)

A lighter-bodied Cabernet from Chile, this bottle is friendly and versatile. The herbaceous quality of the Estampa region certainly balances the fruit-forward nature of this grape.

$8.99 / PER BOTTLE

Montepulciano, Casalini 2015 (Italy)

This easy evening sipper is the way to offset spicier foods and bbq. Lighter in texture and tannin makes this a clear winner for those low-key nights.

$10.99 / PER BOTTLE