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Darn Good. Dirt Cheap. 12 Bottles. $99.
Every month we hand-pick a selection of the best weeknight wine money can buy. We put a great deal of care into finding well-balanced, great-tasting wine for our Case of the Month. It’s the perfect way to explore wines from all around the world without breaking the bank!

Here’s a look at September’s case:
Our Price: $99
Total Retail Value: $132.88
You Save: $33.88
Discount: 25%


Prosecco, Bassano Blanc de Blancs Brut NV (Italy)

Light, refreshing, and quite simply everything you would ever want from a Prosecco. With fine bubbles, crisp acidity, and notes of fresh peaches, lemon, green apple, and grapefruit; this is your summer partner in wine.

$12.99 / PER BOTTLE


Pinot Grigio, Benvolio 2019 (Italy)

Easy sipping stuff! Light, bright, and citrus driven, this tasty lil' thing will be perfect for warm weather sipping and fresh appetizers.

$10.99 / PER BOTTLE

Chardonnay, Silver Creek 2018 (California)

Surprisingly fresh, with green apple and vanilla flavors shining through, this is the ultimate value in California Chards! Light and easy, this wine is perfect for any and all get-togethers.

$10.99 / PER BOTTLE

Blend, Gatao Vinho Verde NV (Portugal)

A perennial favorite at the Bin! This classic Vinho Verde is crisp, with notes of citrus and honey and a signature effervescent finish. This one will be your got-to white on these last hot days.

$9.99 / PER BOTTLE


Blend, La Vieille Ferme 2020 (France)

If you like easy drinking rosé, this one is for you! This tasty blend of Grenache, Cinsault, and Syrah will keep you cool during the lingering hot months. Enjoy a fresh and balanced palate of red fruit and citrus.

$9.99 / PER BOTTLE


Blend, Siema Rosso NV (Italy)

Who doesn't love an Italian red blend?!?! Medium bodied and dry, you'll notice delicate aromas of violets wafting from the glass, leading to a palate of red cherries and mushroom. Pasta night, anyone?

$7.99 / PER BOTTLE

Pinot Noir, Avalon 2019 (California)

Ahh Pinot Noir - the most versatile of Red wines! Pair with any dinner or enjoy a solo glass. Coming from the cool coastal area of California, enjoy flavors of lush and silky cherry notes and ripe red fruits.

$12.99 / PER BOTTLE

Primitivo, Petraio 2020 (Italy)

This Italian Zinfandel is about to become your new Plus One to your end-of-summer barbecues and gatherings! Medium to full-bodied, with a profile of red cherries, cranberries, earth, and a hint of tobacco spice on the finish. Perfect for anything fresh off the grill.

$11.99 / PER BOTTLE

Blend, La Vieille Ferme 2019 (France)

This classic southern French red blend of mostly Syrah and Grenache makes drinking easy! Bright, juicy red fruit and a touch of herbs turn this everyday red into something special.

$9.99 / PER BOTTLE

Cabernet Sauvignon, Silver Creek 2018 (California)

A fruit driven expression of Cabernet, loaded with sun ripened berries and hints of oak; this may easily become your new favorite bargain wine.

$10.99 / PER BOTTLE

Monastrell, Honoro Vera 2019 (Spain)

This easy evening sipper is the way to offset spicier foods and barbecue. Lighter in texture and tannin makes this a clear winner for those low-key nights.

$12.99 / PER BOTTLE

Tempranillo, Venta Morales 2020 (Spain)

This ripe Tempranillo boasts a delicious palate of juicy blackberries and black cherry flavors. The finish reflects the warm temperature where the grapes are grown, with hints of raisin and dusty earth lingering.

$10.99 / PER BOTTLE