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Darn Good. Dirt Cheap. 12 Bottles. $99.
Every month we hand-pick a selection of the best weeknight wine money can buy. We put a great deal of care into finding well-balanced, great-tasting wine for our Case of the Month. It’s the perfect way to explore wines from all around the world without breaking the bank!

Here’s a look at September’s case:
Our Price: $99
Total Retail Value: $137.88
You Save: $38.88
Discount: 28%


Blend, Charles de Fere Cuvee Jean Louis NV (France)

Beautiful Bubbly for any occasion! Fresh and fun, this is perfectly dry and fruity with notes of peaches and pears. Drink up!

$11.99 / PER BOTTLE


Sauvignon Blanc, Dry Canyon (California)

This Summer white opens with a slightly creamy yet tart mouth feel. The ripe flavors of pineapples, limes, kiwis, and melon culminate before finishing with a crisp fresh peeled tangerine zest.

$11.99 / PER BOTTLE

Grenache Blanc, Le Ferme de Gicon 2019 (France)

This is a versatile, all-purpose wine for any occasion. Asian pear, apricot skin, tangerine, honey blossom, hibiscus and spices with a clean, thirst quenching palate.

$10.99 / PER BOTTLE

Chardonnay, Dry Canyon 2019 (California)

Classic California Chard! The oak influence is well-balanced by flavors of apple and pear with a nice bit of zest on the finish. An excellent wine for the transition of seasons.

$11.99 / PER BOTTLE


Blend, Villa de Maison Vialade 2019 (France)

An unbelievable value, each of the three new releases from this producer have been absolutely outstanding this year! The rosé is crisp, dry, and full of flavor.

$8.99 / PER BOTTLE


Garnacha, Collado 2019 (Spain)

Hot damn, what a bargain! A solid, juicy, berry-licious Garnacha that is perfectly suited to Netflix binge watching, or hot dogs and hamburgers off the grill.

$8.99 / PER BOTTLE

Dolcetto, Bricco dei Tati 2016 (Italy)

This is a perfect representative of traditional Dolcetto. Beautifully purplish ruby-red; its characteristic odors of violets and aftertaste of bitter almonds are a true delight.

$10.99 / PER BOTTLE

Pinot Noir, Between the Vines NV (California)

This is a light, fresh Pinot with cherry, raspberry, and a little kick of spice. Juicy and very, very easy to drink, you'll definitely lose track of time sipping this with friends or family.

$10.99 / PER BOTTLE

Red Blend, Callia Bella 2019 (Argentina)

What do you get when you blend Argentinian Malbec with Syrah? Pure joy, that's what! Juicy and full-bodied with accents of blackberry, pepper and vanilla. This won't last long in your glass.

$9.99 / PER BOTTLE

Cabernet Sauvignon, Mars & Venus 2018 (Chile)

This is a CLASSIC porch pounder for when the weather warms up (any day now!). A juicy Cab offering flavors of cherry, chewy blackberry, hints of vanilla.

$10.99 / PER BOTTLE

Merlot, Lindeman's ``Bin 40`` 2019 (Australia)

Plum, blackberry, and a little dab of chocolate come together on a pleasant medium body. If you still hate Merlot because of Sideways, it's time to get over that!

$10.99 / PER BOTTLE

Tempranillo, Venta Morales 2018 (Spain)

This is a riper version of Tempranillo that shows black cherries and blueberries. The finish reflects the warmer temperatures where its grown, with hints of raisin and dusty earth lingering on the palate.

$10.99 / PER BOTTLE