The Staff

Mary Fogarty

General Manager
My Bin 201 adventure began in late Spring of 2012. Numerous years in fine dining table service and bartending sparked my passion for wine. Working at Bin has just fanned this flame. It is not often that one finds a profession that excites, challanges, and teaches them daily. This is my life at Bin 201. =)

First Wine Crush: Barbaresco - fell in love immediately, and have not turned back since!!!

Natalie Lightner

Assistant Manager & Private Events Coordinator
I started at the Bin part-time in the summer of 2013 and I very quickly fell in love with the place. Although I had no previous wine background, I've had an incredible time learning about wine, beer and bourbon. Every bottle that comes into the shop tells a story, and the enjoyment of learning these stories, then passing them along to others, is one of my favorite things about working at 201. Each day I learn something new...a new grape, a new region, or that Cabernet Franc is known as "the grape that got around" (it fathered Cab Sauv, Merlot, and Carmenere, among others.)

What I have learned I love since working at the Bin: Tawny Port paired with Bleu Cheese, aged white wines and mostly anything from Italy.

Hannah Flaherty

Assistant Manager
My journey began while pursuing a degree in baking and pastry. After working in restaurants and bakeries, I discovered the world of wine! With a growing interest in this lovely libation, I moved to Maryland and joined the team at Bin 201 in 2017. Working here inspires and challenges me daily to dive deeper and appreciate wine as a piece of history. When I am not studying wine, I enjoy adventures with my husband, laminating croissants and tending to my chickens.

My favorite Wine and Pastry Fact: Wines made in Bordeaux were traditionally clarified with the use of egg whites. When the left over yolks, it was believed that the first canelés were created!